Being famous

Ever since I was a child I’ve always wanted to be a banker. Not because I loved their power, their status or because I was particularly interested in the economy from a young age. No, as a child I just loved MONEY. Coins. Bills. Money was my first love. My everything. Continue reading “Being famous”

House On Fire

So take me to the heavens now
As we burn down, as we are found
Take me to the heavens now
My heart screams out
I need you, I need you
Baby I want to breathe you in
Like oxygen, like oxygen
Baby, I’m a house on fire
And I want to keep burning

Summer body

Now that the weather in Holland is FINALLY getting better (which means more than two days without rain) and considering that I’ve never been comfortable with my body, I’ve decided to make a promise to myself: I would start working out to eventually get the “summer body” that I’ve always wanted.
I know that I’m late to the party, but things can always turn around, right…?

Continue reading “Summer body”

Part time jobs and working

About a year ago I was in the train with a friend of mine. We were having a conversation (or rather: one-sided rant about how much I hate my job), when he suddenly said to me: “Oh, I don’t actually do working. It’s not really my thing.” Now in that moment I didn’t really gave it much more thought, but I just remembered this conversation and now that I realize it, it’s such a weird thing to say. Continue reading “Part time jobs and working”

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