Music #3: AURORA

The artist featured today holds a special place in my heart. It´s the first artist I´ve ever visited at a concert and the experience was surreal. Bringing you some scandinavian goodness, I´m bringing you this time: ❄️AURORA ❄️
DISCLAIMER: I am not  sponsored. This is just my pure, totally unbiased opinion.

Aurora Aksnes, otherwise known as AURORA, is Norwegian singer-songwriter. She used to be pretty underground and mysterious but became very popular in the recent years (yes, I’m aware that I sound like a hipster).

What I like most about AURORA, besides her amazing electro/indiepop-ish sound is that she is such an amazing person in real life.
When I visited her for the first time, I had actually never heard of her before. My cousin invited me because she had a ticket left, and I thought: “Why the hell not?”  Went to this small venue and when she spoke to the crowd she said: “Wow, I’m actually amazed by all the faces that came to see me.” She was just so gentle, kind and down-to-earth that you just HAVE to like her, you know?

While performing she just has this amazing aura that is so difficult to describe. It’s like watching a shy fairy sing. But that also may be because she is ridiculously tiny and makes this weird half-awkward movements with her arms while singing.  It’s really astounding to see.

Her music, just like her, is fragile and beautiful at the same time. What I love personall is that she sings about being a stronger person and her music has actual meaning AND catchy songs.
My top 5 songs of AURORA:

  1. Winter Bird
  2. Conqueror
  3. Running with the Wolves
  4. Murder Song
  5. Half The World Away

Hope I successfully convinced you with at leasy trying to listening to them and I hope you enjoyed this little piece! Let me know what your opinions are or what kind of music you like. Or maybe even music that you would like to see getting featured on here! I´m always open to suggestion or new music! 😀

Stay safe and know that life could always be much worse 😉


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  1. Haha, no thank YOU for your comment 🙂 I know right? Kind of cheesy to say but she is an inspiration in both how to be as a person and in her music! You too!
    All the best! 😀


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