Being famous

Ever since I was a child I’ve always wanted to be a banker. Not because I loved their power, their status or because I was particularly interested in the economy from a young age. No, as a child I just loved MONEY. Coins. Bills. Money was my first love. My everything.

Footage of me, at age 6 being obsessed with money.



I remember visiting my grandma on sundays and the whole visit I would just be occupied with one thing: counting old, unusable pennies in a little pot that she kept in an old little pot. Even though I knew the EXACT amount of money that was in there I just kept counting it. And then stacking it. It was quite obessive, actually.

But my goal in life changed when I became a young teenager (wow, I’m getting old).  I no longer wanted to become a banker. I wanted to be famous.
I tried setting up a YouTube channel, and then failing incredibly hard. And I did that multiple times.  I tried everything from gaming channels to daily vlogging, all because I wanted to be famous so badly.

Luckily, I outgrew that phase in life. But it did make me think: why do so many kids/people want to be *just* famous nowadays?
We are literally surrounded by famous people. We are confronted to them every single day. They live glamorous lives, have fun, and are carefree. Social pressure almost demands of you that you become famous or otherwise you’ve just become normal, boring and unsuccesful.

And with that, everybody tries so hard to be a special snowflake and pursue the empty, shallow goal of being famous just for the sake of being famous. But in doing that, doesn’t that make them the people who are just normal and boring?

Just be yourself. Simple as that.

Remember you could always do worse


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