I can’t do birthdays

So first of all, I’m extremely sorry for not posting this week. I managed to have somewhat of a social life! I know, what a surprise, right? (Mostly been busier with school than actual people, though.)

List of extraordinary things that happened in the time that I was away:

  1. I have been invited to a birthday party.
  2. That’s pretty much it.

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Happy, joyful and cranky Easter!

Today is gonna be my first time. And by this exciting first time I mean that I’ve decided to participate in a WordPress Prompt. Now, this is may not seem like the most exciting thing for many people, but I’d like to see this as a new experience. I’m working on my skills as I’m a super dedicated blogger now. 😉 Continue reading “Happy, joyful and cranky Easter!”

Music #1: Troye Sivan

After evaluating my blog a little bit, I thought my blog could use some more postiveness. It’s going to be summer soon, after all 😉 . So I came up with a new segment in my blog of something that I always have liked to talk about: music!  In this post I will be talking about a random artist that was last played on my Spotify-playlist.
This time: Troye Sivan! Continue reading “Music #1: Troye Sivan”

Dating Problems #1: What’s the deal with Tinder?

I am an absolute disaster at romance. I am not lying when I say that I’ve never flirted with anyone in real life. Not because I never wanted to, no, but because I’m super awkward and most of the times people think I’m having an epileptic seizure when I flirt. So I stopped bothering with flirting years ago. I’m more of a sarcastic-and-insulting kind of person, anyway. Continue reading “Dating Problems #1: What’s the deal with Tinder?”

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