Blog update: Going to Spain for 5 months

¡Hola mis amores!

I have to give my apologies for not being active for prolonged period. I always try to post weekly, but this month has been hectic.
But you know, here’s the tea: I’ve been busy with my organizing my university business aaand….. if everything is going well, I am going on an exchange to Granada in august 2018!! Waaah!  Continue reading “Blog update: Going to Spain for 5 months”


How it’s like being black in the Netherlands

*I am fully aware that this is a very senstive issue, especially in these times where heated discussions about everything are everywhere, with everyone. This piece is a representation of my own opinions, it is in no way the truth. I am not purposefully trying to offend or attack anyone. It is something I am still discovering for myself, so consider this more of a personal journal. * Continue reading “How it’s like being black in the Netherlands”

Bye Bye

What should I say?
Something knocks me out.
I’m a failure,
’cause I don’t trust myself
My head is full of words
but nothing comes out.
He stands up and gets off
Bye, bye, bye, bye, the love of my life
and yeah, we’ll both never see each other again
Can it be that you meet twice in life?
But then it’s too late for a second chance

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Music #4: Stromae

Hola chicos!
I’m super excited about writing this post, it’s one of the things I could actually look forward to this week, aside from the countless essays and articles (S.O.S).

Even though I barely can understand his songs with my below par French, featured  today is yet another amazing, talented and creative artist: 🇫🇷Stromae🇫🇷
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Get To Know Me Tag

Hola chicos!

It’s been a while since I’ve started my blog, but I realized that I haven’t even done any sort of introductory post as of who I am. Shame on me, right?

I think this tag would be great for you to get to know which type of idiot is actually behind this blog. This tag has been very popular on YouTube so I figured I might as well steal it, being the super creative and original person that I am.
Soooo without further damn ado: enjoy!

get to know me

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